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CT Scan

CT Scan 128 Slice (Toshiba)

Using advanced equipment from the Japanese company Toshiba, One Care Diagnostics is offering the best technology with the most precise CT Scan results under one roof. Today, CT technology is an indispensable tool in medicine. It is used for routine examinations of the entire body.

CT is a Radiological method which has been used since 1974 to visualize certain regions of patient’s body slice by slice. Depending on the area of patient body that is being examined, a contrast material may be used to provide sharper images. The contrast material may be given orally and/or by injection (using non-ionic contrast media, contrast reaction is less likely.)

Upon completion of the exam, the radiologist will evaluate all of your images and generate a report to your physician. Your physician will then be able to discuss the results in detail with you.